Have Your Own Home Signature Scent

  1. You know how realtors always recommend that you bake cookies when your home is on show. This scent apparently triggers off warm and homely associations for someone entering. 
  2. Well today’s tip is a similar idea except that you can concoct a specific fragrance to suit your taste:
  3. You will need:
  4. Mason jar, a small saucepan or pot and water
  5. Then, from the list below, select a fragrance you wish your home to have and collect the relative ingredients:
  6. Coconut Bay: 1 tablespoon coconut extract, 1 sliced lime
  7. Orange Amaretto: 1 sliced orange, 1 tablespoon almond extract
  8. Regal Cream: Bergamot tea (Earl Grey), 1 tsp vanilla extract
  9. Instructions:
  10. Step 1: Fill your pot with water about 3/4 the way full, a small saucepan is recommended.
  11. Step 2: Add the ingredients of your chosen scent recipe. Cut any fruits and place in water, add spices, extracts and herbs.
  12. Step 3: Bring the water to the boil.
  13. Step 4: As soon as it reaches the boiling point, reduce to low heat and simmer.
  14. Now,  gorgeously scented vapour will travel throughout your home, changing the scent signature and overpowering other smells in your home. 
  15. For a visual demonstration of how to do this watch this YouTube clip:
  16. Thanks for the tip Melissa Maker
  17. For more ways to care for your home visit handyandy.mobi
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