A Serious Shoe Shine

  1. Stocking up on school supplies is an expensive ordeal.
  2. Holy Crap kids are expensive. New school shoes, some extra books, etc etc. When is payday again? #schoolstuff
  3. and school shoes are a particularly costly school necessity.
  4. So it goes without saying that the longer these items last the better it is on your pocket.
  5. So here’s the best polishing technique to keeping shoes in top condition all year:
  6. Step 1: Using your trusted Handy Andy cream and warm water clean off any excess grit and grime from the shoes.
  7. Step 2: Apply good quality polish evenly with brush over the whole shoe being careful not get polish on the bottom of the sole
  8. Step 3: Give them a few moments to dry. Then run some cold water over the bristles of a brush and lightly scrub the whole shoe to semi harden the polish (buffing.)
  9. Step 4: Wrapping a cold dampened cloth around your index and middle fingers rub in a circular motion focusing on areas like the toe and heal.
  10. Step 5: Finish off with a clean dry soft cloth polishing them over.
  11. Teach this technique to your kids and have them do it every early evening. This not only teaches them the value of taking care of their possessions but gives them a sense of pride and responsibility. Plus it keeps those kicks in top condition ALL year round, which is great on your pocket.
  12. For more cleaning tips and techniques visit handandy.mobi
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