A Natural Pest Prevention

  1. Today’s tip is for all those terrified of spiders creeping into their home.
  2. So I guess my other favorite is finding out that spiders hate Peppermint
  3. Guess what essential oil fills my garage and door frames??? You can put it in a squirt bottle with a little water or use it straight! Bye bye chemicals!!!
  4. I going to let you all into a little arachnid secret. 
  5. Spiders HATE peppermint!
  6. So, to keep those little beasties far from your home just fill a spray bottle with peppermint essential oil mixed with water and spray every door and wooden frame or any little crevice that they could creep through. 
  7. Now you can sleep better at night knowing that NO spider will cross the peppermint forcefield that you have created!
  8. Thanks for the tip Julie
  9. For more natural pest preventing techniques and tips visit handandy.mobi
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