The Simplest Way to Separate Egg Yolk

  1. Many recipes call for egg white or yolk only which, for some of us less experienced cooks, can turn into an arduous and messy affair.
  2. So here’s a fantastically simple and clean way to swiftly separate your eggs whites from yolk:
  3. All you need is an empty 500ml soda bottle.
  4. First crack the egg into a bowl. Take up the empty plastic bottle in your hand and give it a light squeeze. 
  5. Then, still squeezing the bottle, place the bottle neck over the egg yolk and release.
  6. A slight suction is created to pick up the yolk and leave the egg white behind. 
  7. You can then easily transfer the yolk into another bowl.
  8. For a visual demonstration watch this YouTube Clip:
  9. TADA! Hassle and mess free.
  10. Thanks for the tip
  11. For more tips and tricks to help out around the home visit
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