Vinegar Does The Work for You.

  1. No body likes a gritty looking shower from lime build up. Not only does it look unhygienic but it affects the efficiency of the shower head. However there isn’t always time to get to cleaning it. 
  2. So here’s an easy way to have your shower head and faucets back to their original shimmer without much effort at all:
  3. Take an small plastic bag and fill it with some white vinegar.
  4. Now wrap the bag around the shower head so that the head is immersed in the vinegar. Like so:
  5. Let the shower head soak for about and hour. While you attend to other things in the home the vinegar breaks down all the grit and grime. 
  6. Once you remove the bag, wipe clean with a wet cloth. To add an extra glimmer be sure to use your trust Handy Andy cream in hot water. 
  7. The remaining vinegar in the bag can then be used to polish up the shower faucets.
  8. Thanks for the tip Kim
  9. For more tips to take the work out of cleaning visit
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