Give Metal A Zesty Shine

  1. When it comes to cleaning in the home you don’t always have to turn to the powerful chemicals kept under the kitchen sink when you’ll find an agent in your fridge that’s just as effective.
  2. Lemon has a high acid content, which makes it a powerful disinfectant for the home. 
  3. So here’s just one way you can use this zesty cleaner in your home:
  4. Lemon is an fantastic, natural alternative to those harmful copper, brass and chrome cleaning chemicals. Acfording to Edelman, it’s lemon’s highly acidic properties that allow it to cut through and loosen mineral deposit which making them easier to wipe away.
  5. For extra oomph, before scrubbing, dip the fruit half in salt—it will help exfoliate the surface for added shine.
  6. Thanks for the tip
  7. For more natural cleaning solutions visit
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