Properly Dispose of Cooking Oil

  1. Pouring old fat, oil and grease may seem like a good idea but the actually it can result in the pipes getting a nasty clog and stinky drains.
  2. So here’s the safest way to dispose of fat, oil and grease in your home.
  3. First, let the oil sit for however long it takes to cool. 
  4. Next, pour the grease, fat or oil in a sealed ziploc container.
  5. Then discard that with your regular rubbish.
  6. To prevent animals and sticky garbage you can choose to rather pour the cooled cooking grease into the a bowl lined with aluminum foil. Place the bowl in the freezer and dispose the frozen oil on the day rubbish is collected. 
  7. For a visual demonstration and more details on this tip watch the following clip on YouTube:
  8. Thanks for the tip Melissa Maker
  9. For more tips and instructions on how to properly dispose waste from your home visit
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