Sterilize Kitchen Sponges

  1. Because of their versatility, kitchen sponges are extremely useful items in the home. 
  2. The catch however is that, since we do use them for everything, sponges can harbour harmful pathogens, viruses and microbes from raw eggs, meats and vegetables
  3. So it is of vital importance that we regularly sterilize them in order to prevent spreading bacteria and disease in the home
  4. Here’s how:
  5. First rinse the sponge under cool water to wash out loose food debris and grime. Wring out excess liquid from the sponge.
  6. Fill a microwave-safe bowl with 1/2 cup of cool water and place the sponge in the bowl of water.
  7. Put the bowl in the microwave and heat the bowl on the highest heat setting for two minutes. 
  8. Allow the bowl to cool completely before removing it from the microwave.
  9. Wait for the water to cool thoroughly before removing the sponge.
  10. Thanks for the tip
  11. For more ways to keep the home clean and germ free visit
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