Homemade Countertop Cleaner

  1. Probably one of the most used surfaces in the home is the kitchen countertop and, considering that that’s where all food is prepared, it goes without saying that it should always be as clean and hygienic as possible. 
  2. The only problem however is that constantly having to clean countertops quickly burns through kitchen surface cleaner, which can end up being quite an expense.
  3. So I have good news for you today.
  4. You can save money by making your own countertop cleaner with this recipe:
  5. Instructions:
  6. This is really easy. Using a funnel, mix all the ingredients in their respective amounts into  the empty spray bottle. 
  7. 1/2 cup rubbing alcohol
  8. 2 cups water
  9. 6 – 8 drops dish soap
  10. Then, to mask the smell of rubbing alcohol, add 3 – 5 drops of a scented oil of your choice
  11. Shake it all together and VOILA! You have your very on homemade countertop cleaner.
  12. Thanks for the tip fabulesslyfrugal.com
  13. For more cleaning recipes and tips to save you time and money visit handyandy.mobi
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