The Proper Care for Cutting Boards

  1. Every kitchen needs a good cutting board, and there are a variety to chose from depending on your personal preference, like wooden or plastic. If you are one of those who have choose wooden cutting boards then you will need to take extra care of them. 
  2. The following steps will help ensure that your wooden board lasts a long time and is always safe from any food-borne bacteria:
  3. When you’ve dirtied a board, clean both sides with a damp cloth and a mild antibacterial soap. Then rinse with hot water, wipe with a clean cloth, and allow it to dry in an upright position.
  4. Every few weeks, you’ll want to give it a little extra maintenance; generously sprinkle coarse salt over the surface of the board, and rub it with a sliced lemon. Rinse well with hot water.
  5. If your cutting board is made from butcher block, you’ll also need to oil it. Once a month, heat a small amount of mineral oil in a pan, and apply it to the wood with a lint-free cloth, moving with the grain of the wood. Reapply after the wood soaks up the oil, and continue to apply until the wood stops absorbing the oil. Wipe off any excess, and allow the board to dry overnight
  6. Thanks for the tip Martha Stewart
  7. For more tips on how to best maintain your kitchen utensils visit
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