The Best Way to Store Avocados

  1. How many of us have experienced the awful wait for an avocado to ripen:
  2. Trying to ripen an avocado by leaving it on your lap for a bit. That’s acceptable office behaviour, right? Don’t answer, I’m doing it anyway
  3. An avocado I bought on Christmas Eve is still like a bullet, why are you refusing to ripen little avocado
  4. I wish there was a trick, like “place avocado in microwave for 30 seconds” to ripen immediately. #ihatewaiting
  5. Well today’s tip is for all you avo-lovers out there with little patience:
  6. The best way to store avocados to keep them fresh is to place them in a paper bag and store at room temperature. 
  7. But here’s nifty trick …
  8. Pop in an apple in the bag with the avos and they will ripen faster!
  9. Thanks for the tip Emily
  10. For more nifty tips and trick to help out around the home visit
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