Properly Cleaning Your Laptop

  1. One item in the home easily overlooked when it comes to cleaning is the computer.
  2. So here is a guide to keep your computer in tip top condition:
  3. Please note: be sure to first check your computer’s user guide for any specific cleaning requirements before proceeding .
  4. You will need:
  5. Spray-bottle of plain water and another with water rubbing alcohol mix (50/50 ratio), cotton swabs, a micro-fibre cloth, a can of compressed air and a cleaning toothbrush.
  6. Start by ensuring that the computer is switched off and completely unplugged.
  7. Now, using the cleaning toothbrush, gently brush away any bits and pieces that may left be on the keyboard.
  8. Next, use the compressed air to spray away any tiny particles still trapped in the keyboard. Be sure to give the inputs a good spray as well. 
  9. Fold your micro-fibre cloth into a quarters and spray on some rubbing alcohol and water mix. Tap the cloth dry on the back of your hand and then wipe down the computer to remove any bacteria.
  10. Now, using the alternate side of the cloth, spray on a little distilled water and tap dry. Then use this to wipe away any smudges and finger marks on the screen.
  11. Lastly, spray the rubbing alcohol water mix onto a cotton swap to get in and clean any tight crevices the brush or cloth could not reach. 
  12. You can watch this YouTube clip for a visual demonstration:
  13. Thanks for the tip cleanmyspace
  14. For more detailed instructions on cleaning items around the home visit
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