Eliminate Cigarette Odour

  1. Most agree that few things can be more off-putting and infuriating than the lingering odour of cigarette smoke in the home. 
  2. Bro_kelleyyPerk
    The smell of Cigarette smoke literally makes me feel like my lungs are shriveling up, so gross ❌��
  3. shelbynhousman
    I hate the smell of cigarette smoke in the morning…..or anytime for that matter #yuck
  4. Here are a few neat trick to help you get rid of that stubborn stench:
  5. 1. Set small bowls of vinegar, pine-scented cleaner or activated charcoal around the room. If your home has young children or pets, place the bowls well out of reach. Close off the room overnight.
  6. 2. Spritz your favorite perfume or cologne on a cold light bulb. When the light is turned on, the warmed scent will fill the room.
  7. 3. Place small items (such as gloves, a wool hat or a small pillow) in a zippered plastic bag with a couple of fabric-softener sheets. Leave overnight.
  8. Thanks for the tip http://www.ehow.com
  9. For more deodorizing tips and trick visit handyandy.mobi
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