Make You Own Air Freshener

  1. I have good news! No longer do you have to go out and spend a fortune on expensive air fresheners. 
  2. Here’s a simple DIY solution for your very own homemade air freshener that’s as good as any brand name:
  3. You will need:
  4. A small container – an empty hand cream container or small mason jar is ideal, like the following: 
  5. baking soda, essential oil &foil.
  6. Instructions:
  7. First pour baking soda into container, about 1/4 full and then add about 8 drops of essential oils (what’s wonderful about this is that you can choose a blend that best suits you and your home).
  8. Now you can do 1 of 2 things. Either screw the lid back on the container and punch holes in it or cover it with tin-foil and poke some holes in it.
  9. and your done! Simple right?!
  10. Now just every so often give the container a little shake to release more fragrance to freshen up any room.
  11. Thanks for the tip
  12. For more DIY tips and tricks to help out around the home visit
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