Preserving Spring Onions

  1. Here’s a nifty solution to keep your spring onions fresh for longer and on hand:
  2. After you purchase your spring onions, remove from packaging and dry off thoroughly.
  3. Then dice the scallions into small rings, like so:
  4. Then, using a funnel, pour them into an old plastic water bottle (that you have cleaned) and seal tightly.
  5. Mark with a permanent marker and place the container in the freezer.
  6. So now whenever you need fresh spring onion, simply remove from the freezer, take off the cap, shake out just as much as you need, replace the cap and return to the freezer. Saving you prep time and spoilage. 
  7. How conveniently thrifty!
  8. Thanks for the tip Biggie
  9. For more culinary tricks to help out around the home visit
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