Cut Out the Tears

  1. Every home care giver has experienced the infamous onion sting!
  2. iBakisinfi
    Mom asked me to do the slate I cut the onion and now I’m crying! Lol
  3. brownderella_
    Before I die, I want to be able to cut an onion without crying.
  4. Well a here’s a useful piece of trivia that could help with this age old culinary challenge.
  5. The substance in onions that causes your eyes to water is located in the root cluster of the onion. 
  6. So to end the weeping, here’s how to properly to prep an onion for chopping:.
  7. Just cut out the root cluster in a cone shape, with the largest part of the cone around the exterior root section.
  8. Thanks for the tip
  9. For more tips and tricks to help keep a happy home visit
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