Blood Stain Removal

  1. Blood stains are probably one of the toughest laundry challenges. Once set in it is almost impossible to remove. 
  2. Well today’s tip is going to help make those stubborn blood stains finally disappear for good:
  3. Watch these 2 short clips from YouTube for simple way to remove blood stain in the home:
  4. For a more environmentally friendly solution Pat Barton advises us:
  5. “On washable, sponge the stain with cold salted water, then soak and wash the garment with biological detergent.”
  6. “On non-washable, sponge the stain with ammonia solution (15 millilitres ammonia to 500 millilitres water)”
  7. For more stain removal tips and tricks to help out around the home visit
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