Be Rid of Oil Stains

  1. Cooking splatters and drops from deep fried food can often result in annoying oil stains that are tough to remove.
  2. But you can remove these stains with common household ingredients. 
  3. And here’s a how: 
  4. You will need:
  5. Baking soda, a vacuum, liquid dish soap, an old toothbrush, clean rags and white vinegar.
  6. Instructions:
  7. Step 1: Sprinkle baking soda on the oil stain and let it sit to soak up any residue. After about 24 hours shake off or vacuum up the baking soda then see if the oil went with it.
  8. Step 2: If the stain still remains, apply some liquid dish soap to the affected area. Add a drop of warm water and agitate it to work up a lather. Then scrub with a toothbrush to get the soap deep into the fibre of the cloths, carpet or fabric. Rinse throughly and pat dry with a clean rag. Allow it to dry thoroughly. 
  9. Step 3: Soak the item in white vinegar if the oil stain still persists. (remember to always to do a test spot). Rinse and allow to dry off completely.
  10. Step 4: Check if the stain still remains repeat any or all of the above steps until the stain has been fully removed.
  11. Watch this short clip on YouTube for more detailed instructions:
  12. Thanks for the tip
  13. For more stain removal techniques visit
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