Miraculous Carpet Stain Removal

  1. Today’s tip is simply brilliant.
  2. How to remove carpet stains WITHOUT SCRUBBING!
  3. You will need:
  4. Ammonia, a steam iron, an old white towel and an empty spray bottle.
  5. Instructions:
  6. Mix a solution of 1 part ammonia & 1 part HOT water in an empty spray bottle with.
  7. Spray the solution LIBERALLY on the carpet stain.
  8. Lay the clean white towel on top of it and start ironing over it.
  9. You will immediately start seeing the stain lift from the carpet into the towel.
  10. Repeat this process until the stain has completely disappeared. 
  11. Thanks for the tip Tammie
  12. For more homemade stain removing solutions visit handyandy.mobi
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