How to Clean Your Washing Machine

  1. A vital component to keeping a home clean and hygienic is by your maintaining your appliances.
  2. And the washing machine is one such important appliance that when neglected can result in cloths and towels soaking up a musty smell that is very difficult to remove.
  3. So here are instructions on how to give your washing machine a thorough clean and prevent the smell of mildew:
  4. Your will need:
  5. Vinegar or lemon juice
  6. Your trusty Handy Andy all-purpose cleaner
  7. and a cleaning rag.
  8. Instructions:
  9. Begin with the exterior by wiping down every surface with vinegar or trusty Handy Andy in warm water.

  10. Clean the tub by pouring in two cups of vinegar or lemon juice and run the washing machine through a complete cycle on the hottest setting. This will remove any odours, stains and detergent build up.

  11. Scrub the the lid or door around the edge of the with vinegar, removing mildew and detergent build up.

  12. Finally finish off by cleaning the bleach and fabric softener dispensers. Remove the bleach and fabric softener dispensers, and scrub them in the sink. Then, dry them thoroughly and return them to the machine.

  13. To prevent mildewing leave the lid open after you finish a load to allow the washing machine to dry out.
  14. Thanks for the tip
  15. For more tips on cleaning your home appliances visit
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