Easily Lift Permanent Marker

  1. Packaging may claim markers to be ‘permanent’ and toddlers just love to test out the validity of this statement and go Picasso on every canvas they can find.
  2. Here’s how to lift ‘permanent’ marker from a variety of surfaces:
  3. From painted walls use toothpaste or hairspray (hairspray works best but will begin to remove paint if you have to scrub hard)
  4. From carpet: Pour white vinegar on affected area and cover with a towel then gently blot with towel. Do not rub.
  5. From a stove: white vinegar
  6. From wooden cabinets: rubbing alcohol
  7. From a wood floor: This takes a bit of elbow grease. Vigorously rub alcohol to take most if it out, then rub tea tree oil and finally get the last of it out with toothpaste.
  8. From a 3 year-old: tea tree oil works instantly and is non-toxic.
  9. Thanks for the tip Jessica
  10. For more tips and tricks on how to remove stains around the home visit handyandy.mobi
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