Home-Friendly Ways To Be Rid of Roaches

  1. Cockroaches are every home care giver’s nightmare. They are stealthy, tenacious and unhygienic creatures.
  2. faridperry
    The more I kill them, more of them appear. #cockroaches #hate #stomptokill
  3. ameer_azim
    I hate cockroaches so much!! I wish they didn’t even exist!!! Arrgghhh!!
  4. Meggyyyyy_
    i hate cockroaches and things that fly. ugh.
  5. Not to worry though because today I have a few ways to be rid of those little beasties once and for all.
  6. The best way to keep cockroaches out is to deprive them of food, moisture and hiding places. So fix any leaky plumbing, seal openings around the pipes and power supplies which enter the kitchen or bathroom, and keep kitchen work surfaces and floors clean.
  7. If cockroaches still persist then mix 15 ml plaster of Paris with 30 ml oatmeal or bran and a little water and put it near the place where the cockroaches have their nests.
  8. Alternatively, sprinkle areas where cockroaches live with pyrethrum powder which is available from chemists.
  9. For more tips in and around the home check out The Handy Andy Pocket Shop
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