Destain Tupperware

  1. Have left-overs left your tupperware looking a bit grimy and tarnished?
  2. __caseyd
    @JordanEsker all of my wooden utensils and plastic tupperware are stained from my ethnic cooking habits.
  3. jonny_b87
    I can never trust the cleanliness of a Tupperware dish after its been stained with pasta sauce. @brianne_oneill knows exactly what I mean.
  4. You can use lemons to destain you tupperware:
  5. Mix lemon juice with baking soda to make a paste and cover the stains.
  6. Leave them alone for a couple of hours and wash those stains away.
  7. Thanks for the tip
  8. For more destaining tips and tricks to help out around the home visit
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