Undo A Dryer Disaster

  1. It happens to the best of us:
  2. BestDeee
    There goes my halloween costume. . . It shrunk in the dryer. . . Lol
  3. trina6o4
    Shrunk my oversized sweater in the dryer. At least it fits? #mommaaintaround #domesticprobs
  4. BriannaMeghann_
    Oh noooo my favourite pj pants just shrunk in the dryer 😦
  5. Clothes go into the dryer and come out a little shorter than they went in!
  6. Well here’s a solution to return your shrunken clothing to their original size:
  7. First fill a sink with lukewarm water and add a capful of baby shampoo into the water.
  8. Soak the item in the baby shampoo water and gently work it through. This will relax the fibers in the clothing.
  9. Remove the garment from the shampoo water and gently squeeze it out. Do NOT rinse it.
  10. Take a large towel and lay the clothing flat on it.

  11. Roll the towel up with the clothing inside it.

  12. Your goal is to absorb the extra moisture, so your clothing is damp but not wet.

  13. Then, get another dry towel and put the piece of clothing out on the dry towel.
  14. Gently stretch the clothing item as it lays out to dry.
  15. Continue to do this until the clothing item returns to its original size. Allow the item to air dry on the towel.
  16. It’s a miracle!
  17. Thanks for the tip Jillee
  18. For more trick and tips to help out around the home visit handyandy.mobi
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