Fend Off Fruit Flies

  1. Everybody loves Spring but not always the little pests that it brings! Particularly fruit flies … yuck!
  2. SixStringJosh
    Am both happy, and not, to have found the source of fruit flies in my apartment #yuck
  3. welshrabbit8
    …and the fruit flies are back! With no fruit in sight.
  4. You can use left over wine to detract fruit flies:
  5. Here’s how:
  6. Fill a wine bottle or other narrow-necked bottle with 6cm of wine. 
  7. Add three drops of liquid dish soap.
  8. Create a funnels out of paper, leaving a small hole at the tip.
  9. Secure funnel seam with tape, and tape it to the top of the bottle.
  10. Leave it where you notice the fruit flies and it will quickly decrease their numbers!
  11. Thanks for the tip http://www.ivillage.com
  12. For more natural ways to keep pests away from your home visit handyandy.mobi
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