Microwave Clean With Micro Effort

  1. Microwaves are great at bringing a whole lot of speedy convenience into our busy lives. However any home with teenagers tends to turn them into a device prone to abandoned splatter stains and messy mishaps …
  2. SuperKingRollon
    Here’s what happen, the milk in the microwave started to splat & made a mess!
  3. donna_ann_95
    I hate makin hot pockets they ALWAYS end up making a mess in my microwave -.-
  4. Towelyy
    Lol a while ago I blew up a steak in my microwave and I left a huge mess
  5. These microwave mini-disasters always leave an awkward mess to clean up but today here’s a tip that will help out:
  6. Heat a 50/50 mixture of water and vinegar in the microwave for about 5 minutes.
  7. The steam will dissolve stuck on stains.
  8. Then simply wipe clean.
  9. Thanks for the tip lifehacker.com
  10. For an added extra shine and cleanliness be sure to finish off by wiping down your microwave, inside and out, with your trusty Handy Andy cream mixed with warm water.
  11. For more great tips for cleaning mishaps around the home visit handyandy.mobi
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