Homemade Screen Cleaner

  1. Screen smudges can be such a peeve! 
  2. JShows1992
    #DontTouchMy Computer screen. I hate smudges.
  3. SEBASdilorenzo
    Finger smudges on my iPhone screen. DO NOT WANT!
  4. And when in a home filled with sticky fingered kids they are really common!
  5. So instead of paying a small fortune on fancy screen cleaner you can make you own with ordinary ingredients.
  6. Directions:
  7. Mix vinegar and water (1 part plain white vinegar – 1 part distilled water). Store in a labeled container (A spray bottle would also works well)
  8. When you are ready to clean your screens, spray a soft, lint-free cloth (you can use worn-out t-shirts from my rag collection) with the solution, OR dip the cloth into the jar.
  9. DO NOT spray the solution directly on your screen, as it can drip down into places it shouldn’t go.
  10. Gently, wipe the screen with the damp cloth. It may take more than one application, depending on how dirty things are.
  11. Enjoy your shiny clean screen for as long as you can.
  12. For more nifty tips check out handyandy.mobi
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