An Egg-tra Easy Braai Starter Pack

  1. Monday the 24th is Heritage Day and surely this long weekend, family and friends around the country will be getting together to light up braais in the Spring sunshine.
  2. langleynicole8
    Almost Heritage day in South Africa we should be proud about who we are enjoy it South Africa don’t forget to have a braai enjoy the weekend
  3. So here’s a great tip to help get that braai going:
  4. Using an empty cardboard egg carton, fill it with self lighting charcoal. Place one brickette in each egg cup and it becomes a braai strated pack.
  5. Make sure they are self lighting charcoal and the carton is cardboard, NOT styrofoam.
  6. If you do not have self lighting charcoal then crumble firelighters into the each cup along with the charcoal.
  7. Then place this in your braai.
  8. The cardboard carton is easy to light and then the charcoal starts too.
  9. Once well-lit it provides a perfect core flame for you to add charcoal around and build the fire.
  10. Thanks for the tip Karen and Happy Heritage Day.
  11. For more tips to help out around the home visit
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