A Couple Ways to Save Scratched DVDs

  1. In a home filled with sticky fingers, our favourite CD and DVDs often fall victim to playtime fun and are left scratched beyond repair. 
  2. Well here are a few tried techniques that you can use in attempt to restore you beloved CD and/or DVD collection:
  3. Toothpaste:
  4. For just light scratches, just rubbing regular toothpaste on with a cotton ball and rinsing works well. Plus it makes your CD small all minty!
  5. Metal Polish:
  6. If your DVD / CD seems damaged well beyond repair then most people swear by this method. 
  7. First apply the metal polish to a soft polishing cloth and dab onto the damaged CD / DVD.
  8. Rub in the polish in small circular motions for a bout 5min. 
  9. Finally rinse off the polish with soap and water. Then dry with a towel.
  10. The way it works, is that the metal polish removes the top layer of the CD which makes the deep scratches less prominent.
  11. This method therefore has the potential to damage the CD further and should only be used if the CD / DVD is completely unreadable. 
  12. Thanks for the tips Paul
  13. For more tips on restoration and repair around the home visit handyany.mobi
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