How to Clean Blinds

  1. Mini-blinds might be a nice window treatment BUT, since each slat has to be washed one by one, it is such a tedious task to clean!
  2. Sorry to say there is no way around but here are a few quick tips to help make the job easier:
  3. First remove loose surface dirt and dust either by vacuuming the slats, or wiping with a foam paint brush, sweeping with a paint brush or feather duster.
  4. With the slats turned down and at their full length, clean with one the following method from the top down, then reverse the slats and wipe again:
  5. Put a cotton sock over one hand, apply some cleaner then wipe each slat (from side to side) with a soapy wet sponge (excess water squeezed out). Dry with another sock.
  6. If they are really grimy then you can try this method:
  7. Take them down and lay them out on the grass on a hot sunny day (it is spring after-all), squirt a bit of soap on them then spray with a garden hose.
  8. Flip them over and spray again. Scrub with a soft nylon bristle brush if needed.
  9. Rinse with clear water. You can either hang them on a clothesline to dry or let them dry on the grass (just remember to flip them over so they dry on both sides).
  10. Thanks for the tip
  11. For more tips to help ease your cleaning efforts visit
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