The Best Way to Clean Baseboards

  1. When cleaning our homes,baseboards are often an oversight and in many cases avoided because cleaning these dirt magnets is just too damn tiresome and tedious.
  2. Well here’s how to tidy up these dirt magnets without breaking your back.
  3. 1. Do them last
  4. Wait until the rest of your floor cleaning (sweeping, mopping) is done, then tackle the baseboards. They’re likely to get even dirtier as you kick up debris from the floors.
  5. 2. Vacuum them.
  6. Vacuum the baseboards using your brush attachment.
  7. 3. Spray them
  8. Working room by room, spray the baseboards with an all-purpose cleaner. Your trusty Handy Andy in hot water would works wonders. Be careful not to soak your baseboards or get too much water on the wall behind them. Let the solution sit for about 10 minutes
  9. 4. Rinse

  10. Using a damp sponge mop with clean water, wash the baseboards. If the stains are stubborn, just scrub harder, but refrain from using anything abrasive, like a scouring pad, on your baseboards.
  11. 5. Protect them
  12. Once your baseboards are clean and dry, take a new dryer sheet and wipe it over the wood. The anti-static cling property of the dryer sheet will cut the amount of dust that sticks to baseboards.
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