Don’t Throw Out That Rusty Pan Just Yet!

  1. Now potatoes are versatile already in terms of the different ways they can be cooked, prepared and served but have you ever thought of using a potatoes as a rust removing agent!?
  2. You will need:
  3. A potato and salt. (yes, that’s it!)
  4. Instructions:
  5. 1. Cut the potato in half.
  6. 2. Dip the cut part of the potato in salt so it is generously covered.
  7. 3. Firmly rub the salted potato over the rusty areas. Occasionally slice the off the salted end of the potato and dip in more salt as necessary.
  8. 4. Scrub until the rust is gone. Thoroughly rinse. That’s it!
  9. Potatoes naturally contain oxalic acid that helps dissolve rust while the salt acts as a mild abrasive.
  10. Unbelievable! Talk about organic cleaning!
  11. Thanks for the tip
  12. For more astonishing tips and trick for your home visit
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