Teething Treatment

  1. When littles ones are teething it’s goodbye to sleep and hello to headache which is not pleasant for anyone?
  2. nobemo2mosia
    @leorah2 hi love, I am good just feels a little bit tired. Sthabile is keeping me awake @ night coz she is teething. How are u doll?
  3. So here’s a homemade remedy that will help soothe the pains of teething:
  4. Just take a wash cloth,wet the center with a little water,spread on a Tbl of apple sauce:
  5. Roll it up:
  6. Then freeze it.
  7. Babies love this because it is sweet, chewy, and cold. So it numbs their gums!
  8. Thanks for the tip http://www.howdoesshe.com
  9. For more homemade remedies and cleaning tips visit handyandy.mobi
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