How to Deal with Dangling Cords

  1. Cords dangling down aimlessly from lamps are not only an eye sore in your prized living space but can also be a hazard around small children and pets.
  2. ReeseECupp
    Do not leave your pet in an area with dangling phone cords, drape cords or other items that it may strangle itself on.
  3. So here is a handy solution to tuck away those wondering cords:
  4. All you need are command hooks and some double sided tape which you can get from any hardware store:
  5. Disguise the wayward cords by threading them through a series of command hooks strategically placed with the double sided tape along the back of the table, and down the leg.
  6. Make sure your hooks are smaller than the table legs so they don’t poke out.
  7. Thanks for the tip
  8. For more simple home solutions visit handyandy.mobix
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