Avos Ripe for the Pickin’

  1. Few things can match the utter disappointment of slicing into an avo only to find brown streaks or dark, rotten bruising on the inside.
  2. Especially considering the price supermarkets ask for avocados these days!
  3. xkolah
    😦 i wanted guacamole with mums cilantro-chicken but my poor baby avocado is rotten already :-/ #bummer
  4. Here’s how to make sure that you never buy a rotten avocado again:
  5. Before you commit to a specific avocado, look for all the external signs of ripe-but-not-rotten. The skin should be very dark green-to-black and bumpy. The fruit should feel heavy and firm, with no obvious smooshy parts or flat areas.
  6. Now here’s the trick. 
  7. Once you’ve got a good candidate, take a sneak-peak at what’s inside. Discreetly flick the dry stem off the fruit.
  8. If you see a brown patch under the stem, put that avocado back. It will be gross inside.
  9. Like this:
  10. eww
  11. But, if the fruit right under the stem is bright avocado yellow-green, you have a winner!
  12. Like this:
  13. Hard and green avocados will ripen nicely on the counter over several days. However, once your avocado hits that black-skinned stage, don’t delay in enjoying it.
  14. Thanks for the tip Erica
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