Tips on Homemade Reed Diffusers

  1. Reed diffusers are quaint decorative air fresheners that not only add a wonderful scent to the home but just have a lovely look about them.
  2. They are also very popular for the added benefits of having an endless amount of fragrances, no open flames to worry about and no plugin dangling cords to hide or fuss with. 
  3. If you’d like to try making your own reed diffusers and customize your favorite scents here are some tips and recipes showing you how to do that:
  4. Choose glass bottles and vases that have a small opening at the neck and that compliment the room you are placing it in. The reeds you use should be at least double the height of the glass container.
  5. You can purchase a packet of reeds that are marketed for reed diffusers for fairly cheap or try thin bamboo skewers.
  6. Pour a liberal amount of scented reed diffuser oil in the glass container then stick the reeds or bamboo skewers inside. After about an hour, turn the reeds over so the other end can wick up the oil, this will help speed things up.
  7. Position the reed diffuser in a location that is not near electrical appliances
  8. After first filling the reed diffuser with fragrant oil, give the reeds a chance to soak up the oil
  9. 2 Methods to Making your own oil:
  10. Mineral Oil, Sweet Almond Oil or Safflower Oil: Select a combination of your favorite essential oils and add as many drops to the carrier oil as needed to achieve the fragrance you’re after. Next add a splash of vodka to help the oil travel up the reeds better. You could also mix the carrier oil with your favorite perfume instead of essential oils (no addition of vodka will be necessary if using perfume).
  11. Vodka, Essential Oils & Water: Mix about 12 drops of essential oils with 1/4 cup of water then add a splash of vodka. 
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