The Proper Way to Polish Wood Furniture

  1. Here are the steps to having a stunningly brilliant wood furniture finish:
  2. Before You Begin: Because you will need the area you are working in to be well ventilated, outside is ideal. If that is not possible, you will want to keep as many windows open as possible.
  3. You will need: Clean Cloth Rags – Rubber Gloves – Super Fine Steel Wool* – Cleaner and Wax Remover – Neutral Fine Paste WaxYou will need:

  4. * If the wood has been neglected or has marks and stains, using super fine steel wool may be necessary. To be sure that no damage is done to your furniture, stick to the #0000 super fine variety.
  5. Step 2 – Test: First remove any excess wax buildup from the last time it was treated. Wipe the surface down with a dry cloth, dampen a rag with wax remover and test a small area of the wood you will be treating. Let the test spot fully dry to make sure there are no adverse affects
  6. Step 3 –Strip: With the grain, lightly wipe down the entire surface. Allow a to fully air dry and then wipe off any excess dirt or wax remover with a clean dry cloth.
  7. Step 4 – Polish: Coat the surface of the wood sparingly with polish.
  8. Step 5 – Buff: After giving the polish some time to absorb (usually about 15-20 minutes), wipe off excess wax with a clean, dry cloth.
  9. This process can be done less frequently with regular and consistent care of your wood furniture: Wipe down wood with a clean, dry cloth on a regular basis. Remove dirt by wiping with a slightly damp cloth with a bit of gentle soap, such as dish soap. Clean spills right away. Avoid putting drinks or hot items on unprotected wood surfaces. 

  10. For more how to tips to help out around the home visit
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