Some Great Storage Solutions for Under-the-Sink

  1. How can anyone be motivated to clean a home when before you even begin you are confronted with this colossal clutter catastrophe.
  2. It’s ironic how we can be so pedantic about organisation around the house but neglect the one place where we store our cleaning equipment.
  3. I actually get a little claustrophobic just looking at it. This will just not do!
  4. So here are some simple storage solutions that you can use to de-clutter that disaster under-the-sink:
  5. 1. Use a pocket organiser. 
  6. You could either go buy a pocket organiser or visit this blog for simple instructions on how to fashion your own:
  7. 2. Use a wooden dowel to hang spray bottles.
  8. Ahh so much better. I can breathe easy again.
  9. For more simple storage solutions around the home visit
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