Keeping the Air Clean

  1. With all the windows and doors closed to keep the home toasty during the chilly winter months the air can become quite stale and stuffy.
  2. So here are a few houseplants that you could keep in the home to refresh and clean the air as well as some hints on how to best care for them.
  3. Aloe Vera: Not only can it be used for burns on the skin, it is also known to remove formaldahyde from the air.
  4. Care: Moderately drought tolerant and prefers partial sun and well-drained soil.
  5. Areca Palm: General air purifier, especially as it grows larger. It’s known for being one of the better performers in purifying the air.
  6. Care: Needs well-drained soil with slight drying between waterings, full sun is best with protection from high heats.
  7. Boston Fern: Said to act as a natural air humidifier, removes formaldahyde and is a general air purifier. Said to be among the best in air purifying houseplants.
  8. Care: Likes bright light and damp soil but can be tolerant of drought or partial light.
  9. Thanks for the tip Justin and Tara Wagner founders of
  10. For more tips on how to keep a healthy and sustainable home visit
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