Winter Care for Plants

  1. Whilst we might thrive in a toasty home this winter it’s the last conditions that our houseplant buddies want to be living in. 
  2. Here are some care tips compliments of Charlie Nardozzi of the National Gardening Association to help them survive and thrive. 
  3. Watering – If your air is humidified, water every two weeks to a month and if not, water more frequently. (The time to water is when the soil is dry all the way to the roots.)
  4. Lighting – Move plants closer or farther away from windows, or to even another room, depending on need.Use sheer curtains to admit better light. Avoid placing plants between a curtain and window.
  5. Humidity – Fill a tray with pebbles and place your pots on top. Keep the pebbles damp but don’t let the water touch the drainage holes of the pots where it would be absorbed into the soil. Also group plants close together.
  6. Circulation – Keep air lightly moving through the room with a ceiling fan; it will help dissipate environmental gases and fumes. Give your houseplants a day outside if weather permits.
  7. Pruning – Snip off spent flower heads and withered or yellowed stems. Use sharp scissors when pruning. (leaving a plant with jagged edges is an invitation to disease.)
  8. And don’t forget to talk to them 😉 
  9. Thanks for the tips Charlie
  10. For more tips on tending to your home visit
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