Carpet Spill…Don’t Panic

  1. Any home with kids is familiar to those freak-quent spills of colour! 
  2. Whilst most conventional carpet cleaners won’t pull up the colorful mess here’s an effective way to get that eyesore out of your carpet:
  3. Step 1: Combine equal parts ammonia and water.
  4. Step 2: Heat up an iron to the highest cotton setting.
  5. Step 3: Soak the stain with the solution. If the stain is large, work in small sections.
  6. Step 4: Place a white towel on the section you’re cleaning. Do not use a colored towel, or the color may transfer to the carpet.
  7. Step 5: Iron over the towel in ten-second increments. It may take a few applications, but the spot will be soaked into the towel within minutes. 
  8. If you don’t see the desired effects after the first three applications of the iron, soak the spot and try again. If it isn’t wet enough, the solution will not come up. A sizzling noise is completely normal when the spot is saturated.
  9. Thanks for the tip
  10. For more stain removal techniques and tricks around the home visit
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