Prevent Muck and Odour by Maintaining Your Washer

  1. When you first get a front loader washer it can be a dream come true. Overtime however the  sleek, energy saving, eco-friendly dream can turn into a nightmare. Just as “Chiropractor-Turned-Green-Blogger” from describes, 
  2. “My clothes started to smell like mold and mildew. Towels and my husband’s favorite soft worn out t-shirts started to smell worse after I washed them.”
  3. You may have followed every piece of advice that people and even the manual provided like using High Efficiency detergent and not overloading but the persistence of the odour continues to perplex.
  4. Well what you may not know is that, due to the regular workings of the machine, water can pool in the rubber gasket that seals the door, allowing odor causing bacteria, mold and mildew to grow and collect with a whole lot of another yucky gunk that gets shaken out of the clothes.
  5. Eww … gross right?!
  6. The problem isn’t any of the things you do. It was you you didn’t do. So here are few simple ways to properly maintain your dishwasher and prevent a the build up of icky sludge and gunk:
  7. 1. Every time you finish your load, wipe down the water and soak up any remaining water inside the gasket. Peel back the rubber door seal, and clean in there.
  8. 2. Unload the finished load immediately. Do not let the wet clothes sit in the machine
  9. 3. Leave the door open when not in use to allow the water and moisture to evaporate and not stay inside stagnantly.
  10. 4. Run a HOT cleaning cycle with an empty washer at least once a week. 
  11. Thanks for the help
  12. For more great tip to help maintain your home visit
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