A Thrifty Soap Solution

  1. Having liquid soap at sinks around the home can be really convenient and really help prevent the spread of nasty germs. Although it can prove to be quite costly. 
  2. So today’s tip is is a thrifty solution to this little dilemma.
  3. Here’s how you can turn a bar of soap into liquid hand soap:

  4. Ingredients:
  5. 1 cup of soap flakes – 10 cup of water – 1 Tbs glycerin
  6. Equipment:
  7. Cheese grater – A large pot – Measuring cup and spoons – A spatula for stirring – A soap container with a hand pump – A container to hold excess soap – A Funnel
  8. Directions:
  9. First, grate the soap. The soap particles do tend to float in the air as you grate so wear a mask to avoid breathing it in. When you’re done, the soap flakes look like grated Parmesan:
  10. Combine 1 cup soap flakes, 10 cups water, and 1 Tbs glycerin in a large pot. Turn on medium-low heat and stir until the soap dissolves. This happens fast, about a minute or two. 

  11. Let the soap cool completely, then pour into the containers using the funnel.
  12. This recipe makes a lot of soap (about 6 bottles worth). So put the excess in a large bottle and store it under the sink. Then simply refill the pump container from the big bottle with a funnel as needed.

  13. You can also use this soap as body wash. To make it smell nice, add a drop or two of essential oil to the mix.
  14. For more tips and tricks helping to be more thrifty around the home visit handyandy.mobi
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