Gleaming Stove Grates. No Scrubbing, No Sweat

  1. As any avid cook should know oil and grease spatter. They get heated and reheated and, in seemingly no time at all, you have a disgusting coating that will not EVER scrub off!
  2. But why buy expensive cleaners and/or use a lot of elbow grease when cheap standard ammonia and 12 unattended hours can do the job just as well.
  3. You will need:
  4. Ammonia
  5. (Here you can use your trusty Handy Andy)
  6. A ziploc bag big enough the place the grates in.
  7. A baking tray.
  8. Directions:
  9. Take about 1/4 cup of ammonia and seal it up with one of the burners in a large ziploc bag.  You only need a little amonia in the bag.  You are not trying to soak the burner…you just want to seal it up with the ammonia fumes.
  10. Leave it outside on a baking tray overnight. 
  11. Remember it is the fumes from the ammonia that dissolves all of the grease and hardened oil. So do not soak it.
  12. When it’s done sitting, it should wipe clean with a sponge.
  13. SHRING …. like new!
  14. This is really great if you need to restore your stove before selling it.
  15. Thanks for the tip Vivienne
  16. For more simple cleaning solutions and tips that help around the home check out
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