A Charming New Use for Gutters

  1. Just found a really creative way to add some real intrigue to a room as well as provide a functional benefit. 
  2. Rain gutter bookshelves … how quaint right?
  3. Now obviously there is no need to go now and tear down your gutters when there are plenty of people online practically giving them away!
  4. Here is the best online option.
  5. 2 new 6m dpi gutters and 2 new 6m wooden fascia boards that with d/pipe and brackets for R450
  6. OR if you would rather have specific gutter style and size then check out this ad:
  7. Contact Quinton 076 174 6284.
  8. Once you have your gutters then you can get cracking!
  9. First tape the proposed location of the shelves on the wall to get a feel for the length and spacing of the shelves. 
  10. Use 1.5″ screws place at a slight angle into studs in the corner of the shelves and in the middle of each shelf.
  11. Corner screws.  One on each wall through the stud.
  12. Thanks for the idea Beth
  13. For more great tips and inspiring solutions around the home visit handyandy.mobi
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