Chore Jar

  1. Getting kids to help around the home can be such chore in itself.
  2. Today’s tip is an innovative solution thanks to that makes delegation a fun, fair and exciting process.
  3. Colourful sticks assigning tasks around the home for kids to randomly select each day or as punishment for bad behaviour.
  4. This is just ingenious! And here’s how it’s done:
  5. Supplies: Tongue depressors/ fat craft sticks, Mod Podge, sponge brush, scissors, spray paint (optional) and a paper cutter.
  6. First you can download this template provide by and print it off. If you can print it on sticky paper it would make things easier.
  7. The start cutting.
  8. After the cutting is done adhere the paper sticks onto the wooden craft sticks with Mod Podge and your sponge brush.
  9. Finally place all the chore sticks in a labelled jar ready to playfully delegate tasks.
  10. Thanks for the tip Kirsten
  11. Visit for more detailed instructions
  12. For more crafty solutions to help around the home visit
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