Simple Storage Solution

  1. Most of us know the drill…
  2. Your favourite program is about to start and THAT’S when the batteries in your remote decide to go flat.
  3. So, with a hurricane-like purpose, you tear through the house rummaging through every drawer in hope of uncovering EVEN 1 battery in time to catch your program …
  4. manduhpanda93
    When your tv remote dies so you run frantically through the house looking for other remotes to steal batteries from! Yah thats me right now!
  5. Well here’s a clever little storage solution that will make replenishing your remote a swift and painless procedure, so you can quickly switch to your favourite program.
  6. Use a plastic tackle box with multiple sizes of openings to hold your batteries, grouped by size.
  7. Thanks for the tip
  8. For more storage tips and handy tricks around the home check out
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