Dishwasher Disinfects

  1. Here’s a great way to sanitize your home and keep loved ones safe from the germs that just love to linger around the cold and flu season.
  2. Your dishwasher can be used to disinfect a number of different items around the home:
  3. Toothbrushes
  4. Binkies
  5. Retainers
  6. Hair brushes
  7. Dog food/water bowls
  8. Tub toys
  9. Various kid and dog toys 
  10. First stack the dishwasher with items you wish it sanitize. Be sure to use your discretion as to what can and cannot be put through a wash cycle eg:
  11. No fabric or soft parts
  12. No wooden toys
  13. No loose or removable parts
  14. No battery-operated toy
  15. Toys where water couldn’t seep inside and ruin them
  16. Make sure that the heated dry is off (You wouldn’t want to melt any items!)
  17.  Add a bit of all-natural dish soap and put it on a gentle cycle.
  18. Thanks for the tip
  19. For interesting new way to improve your home visit
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