Put a Little Pep into Your Housework

  1. Everyone loves to have a clean house but few, if any, ever enjoy doing housework.
  2. BATxxo
    I’m so bored but i’m too lazy to get out of the bed to do housework. I want to sleep but i can’t! Akfjhaldjfh
  3. So here are a few tricks that you can use to pep up your housework engine and get into gear:
  4. 1. Establish a list of realistic goals. Take some time in the beginning of your week to jot down a few small cleaning goals for each day. Try not to overwhelm yourself by tackling a huge job that you’ll tire of halfway through and abandon. For example, instead of cleaning the whole bathroom at once, settle for making your countertops and mirrors shine.
  5. Having a rotating goal chart may help so check out how to make your own with this tip from Handy Andy:
  6. 2.Enlist a little help from your cohabitants. Nothing deters you from cleaning the house more than knowing you have to do it all. To make your life easier and to get you going full throttle on the job you take on, pass the list around and have your spouse and kids pitch in.
  7. 3. Treat yourself to some new cleaning supplies. This may not sound so exciting, but if you go out and buy new tools for cleaning that are designed to simplify your jobs, you’ll be more motivated to get going. You’ll want to get your money’s worth out of your new stuff and see if it truly works.
  8. Thanks for the motivational tip http://www.ehow.com
  9. For more great ways to pep up the home check out handyandy.mobi
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