Master the Art of Japanese T-Shirt Folding

  1. Today’s tip will show you how by following 9 simple steps you can masterfully fold T-shirts in 2 seconds. 
  2. Step 1: Lay the t-shirt flat. 
  3. Step 2: Draw an imaginary line across the middle of the t-shirt. 
  4. Step 3: Pinch the fabric at a point on the line a few inches in from the edge. 
  5. Step 4: Draw an imaginary line from the pinch point to the shoulder seam. 
  6. Step 5: Use your free hand to pinch the t-shirt at the point on the shoulder seam. 
  7. Step 6: Bring the pinched shoulder seam to the bottom of the t-shirt. 
  8. Step 7: Use the hand pinching the shoulder seam to pinch the fabric at the bottom of the t-shirt so that both the shoulder seam and the point on the bottom are pinched between the thumb and index finger.
  9. Step 8: Uncross your hands and lift the shirt. 
  10. Step 9: Fold the loose sleeve under. 
  11. This technique is clearly demonstrated in this short clip from YouTube:
  12. Thanks to the Japanese for always turning an ordinary chore into an art and for the instruction. 
  13. For more masterful tips and tricks to help around the home check out The Handy Andy Pocket Shop
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